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Having comfortable and breathable face masks is essential to protect employees from COVID-19 and any other airborne diseases. Providing them with face masks also ensures that you can keep your customers safe by avoiding food contamination. The trick is finding masks that are effective and comfortable enough to be worn all day on the job. That’s where Helt Studio comes in. Here is what makes our face masks ideal:

Designed with Comfort in Mind

Since your kitchen workers might need to spend extended periods with their face masks on, they ought to be easy on their skin, so our masks are designed to be comfortable. They are:

  • Moisture-wicking face masks, drawing moisture away from the skin to prevent irritation
  • 4-way stretchable face masks for a comfortable fit
  • Highly breathable masks to ensure your kitchen workers remain comfortable while at work
  • Antimicrobial fabric face masks to prevent contamination

Tell Your Brand’s Story

Your breathable face masks don’t have to be plain — you can use them to tell your brand’s story. From communicating your core belief to showing support for a cause, there are many ways to customize your masks. Lucky for you, Helt Studio allows you to make as many customizations to your masks as you want. 

Safety comes first in any environment, and providing your employees with face masks is a step in the right direction. Check out our breathable face masks below, or contact us for more info.