Whether creating one-of-a-kind drinks at an obscure, cocktail bar or meticulously crafting culinary masterpieces at a Michelin-boasting restaurant, wearing the right gear is essential in perfecting your craft — no matter what your culinary workspace looks like. Helt’s chef shirts for women do what standard t-shirts can’t: repel liquids, keep you cool, protected, and lookin’ like the professional culinary babe you are.

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Thoughtfully-Crafted and Mindfully-Designed

Chefs aren’t one-size-fits-all — their culinary apparel shouldn’t be either. 

Our women’s kitchen shirts are mindfully designed to fit the different shapes and sizes of every, individual, female chef comfortably. Featuring extra give around the bust and waist with a slightly more fitted silhouette than our men’s shirts — Helt’s women's chef shirts are crafted with the same tech-advanced fabric and cuts that keep culinary workers looking and feeling good through the most hectic of shifts. With plenty of pockets for easy access and moisture-wicking material that repels sweat and other liquids in your workspace, our chef shirts for women are what your culinary wardrobe is missing. Always produced ethically in our Los Angeles factory, our women’s shirts give you the confidence you need to master the kitchen and perform at your absolute best.

Custom Orders and International Shipping

As with all of Helt Studio’s products, our women’s chef shirts are fully customizable to suit you and your business’s needs. Our team is ready to collaborate with you in creating the branded apparel you envision for your company. Create a unique look for your team — let’s get started!

Helt Studio offers fast, affordable shipping all over the world. Need something fast? Got other questions? Drop us a line!