From Pasadena to Venice Beach, Helt Studio Is Making Waves in California
We love a homegrown success story - especially if it involves your favorite coffee shop. Today, we've got two such stories for you. From the chef uniform and chef apron to the restaurant apron, they're both wearing custom stitching that's made in LA.

The Great White of Venice Beach, California

The menu at Great White is described as "coastal-Californian," with a focus on fresh local ingredients. They also take pride in serving everything from flat whites to cappuccinos all day, every day. Open from 7 am to 5 pm, you can start your day with savory treats like smoked salmon and fresh arugula, or the seasonal fruit of the Blue Smoothie Bowl. Or, fuel your day with lunch offerings ranging from burgers to ancient grains.

If you catch a glimpse customized aprons, chef coats, cafe aprons, crossback aprons, or aprons bearing the chain stitching logo of a shark, you'll know we're there.

Jones Coffee Roasters of Pasadena, California

One a hillside in Guatemala lies the Finca Dos Marias, or the Farm of the Two Marias. This ecologically and socially conscious farm has been family owned and operated since the 1870s. Today, its locally roasted produce can be enjoyed at Jones Cofee.

"From the worker on the finca, to the barista serving the finished cup of coffee, each is an integral part of the process and crucial to its success." This coffee shop, therefore, outfits its baristas in the best barista aprons, complete with custom stitching and embroidery.

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January 11, 2022 — Cara Siera