Before Helt Studio, kitchen heroes had been overlooked for far too long. While sports clothing brands made sure every athlete looked and felt good in the field, no one was looking after the real MVPs — kitchen workers. These are the people who spend countless hours creating meals that tantalize our taste buds, but the unfortunate truth is that they had to work in hot, uncomfortable chef uniforms.

Helt Studio’s co-founders started the business with one goal in mind — to produce professional uniforms that celebrate our kitchen heroes & creators alike, to allow them to work comfortably. We believe that as long as you look and feel good, you can work efficiently. That’s why our aim is to make uniforms that are the perfect combination of comfort, functionality, durability, and design.

Look Good. Feel Good. Work Better.

Everyone knows how frustrating it can be to work in an uncomfortable environment. You might still be able to get the job done, but it could be at the expense of quality or timeliness. Avoid discomfort with the right chef uniforms and kitchen staff apparel by Helt Studio.

Embracing Innovative Design

We believe that kitchen workers deserve innovative and functional products that meet their everyday needs. Having been restaurateurs themselves, our co-founders understand the ins and outs of a kitchen worker’s typical workday. All chef uniforms we produce have a lot of thought and innovation behind them. We make small adjustments that can alter performance in big ways, ensuring that when chefs wear aprons and other thick uniform pieces, they can still be cool and comfy.

Customize Your Apron

Make yourself Heard! You can now add embroidery to your aprons. From names to slogans, make it one of a kind because you are unique!!