The kitchen can be very messy. With fluids splashing all over the place, it can be easy to wet or stain your clothes. Why not protect your employees’ clothes with a water-resistant apron from Helt Studio? With our aprons, your kitchen workers can do their jobs without fearing yucky consequences — and it’s surprising how much this peace of mind can affect performance in the kitchen.

Work Comfortably Anyday

We offer canvas water-resistant aprons as well as aprons made of our in-house CrewTech fabric. This fabric is totally chef-approved. It offers 4-way stretching, it’s stain and water-repellant, wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying, and it keeps the wearer cool. Both types of aprons are made with brass hardware for design, three pockets for top functionality, and 100% cotton adjustable straps for precise comfort.

Customize Your Aprons for a Solid Brand Identity

Apron customization can make a big difference. It tells the story of your company to customers and helps make employees feel like part of a community. Tell your brand’s story by customizing Helt Studio’s aprons.

Your chefs deserve to work without the fear of staining their clothes. Empower them to work efficiently by purchasing water-resistant aprons from us. Browse below.