The kitchen can be a messy place — drinks spilling all over and ingredients getting smeared on your arms and clothes. Why not protect your clothes from stains by wearing a comfy cross-back kitchen apron? You and your kitchen workers need some peace of mind when being messy at work. Lucky for you, Helt Studio’s innovative aprons are designed to make working in the kitchen as smooth as possible.

Designed for Comfort

No one likes wearing aprons that pinch their shoulders or that are ill-fitting. That’s why we design each cross-back chef apron with your comfort in mind. These aprons are made with 9.6 oz Japanese Canvas and antique brass hardware, with 100% natural cotton adjustable straps for optimal fit and comfort. The cross-back bib apron design supports high levels of adjusting and provides a classic look from the back. They also have three pockets to maximize functionality — two large waist pockets and a smaller chest pocket.

Express Your Brand 

Your brand’s identity draws customers to your doorstep. It solidifies the idea of what they can expect every time they walk through your door. Great brand identity also makes employees feel like they belong to a community.

With comfortable apparel and the right work environment, your chefs can work as efficiently as possible. Order your custom cross-back chef apron today to empower your kitchen workers to do their best. Browse below.