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How Helt Studio Uniform Solutions Came To Be

Helt Studio was born on the philosophy that chefs and culinary workers should have access to the same functional and innovative tech fabric that pro-athletes do. When we realized that there were little to no alternatives to the stiff, impractical traditional uniforms made of heavy poly-cotton or twill, we knew something had to change. We decided to tackle this problem head-on and set off to create tech-backed uniform solutions that would stand the test of time in the hottest of kitchens while keeping culinary workers looking and feeling good.

The Science Behind the Fit

Unlike other chef uniform companies, it has always been Helt’s mission to celebrate chefs and kitchen workers as the frontline heroes they are. Having been neglected by the industry for far too long, we are committed to producing uniform solutions that make frontline workers look and feel their best shift after shift — all made ethically in the U.S.A.

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Early on, we partnered with an industry-leading tech fabric manufacturer and engineered our CrewTech Fabric — our first innovative uniform solution featuring a water-repelling, 4-way stretch, sweat-wicking material that keeps the wearer cool, moisture-free, and clean. With that, Helt’s first chef coat was born.

“Comfortable, functional and girly for everyday use.” — Vivian Chan, Food Network

Twelves months later, we created our first apron. Even though we still worked with traditional materials like denim and cotton canvas, we cranked up the functionality by engineering our exclusive Durable Water-Repellent Coating for our canvas uniform solutions. Unlike traditional canvas aprons sold by other chef uniform companies that stain and absorb liquids through to the wearer’s clothes, our Durable Water-Repellent Coating added a protective barrier. This offered added protection from liquids seeping through like grease, sauces, and other messy liquids encountered in the kitchen — keeping chefs lookin’ fresh even after the messiest shift.

In 2019, we launched CrewTech Lite — the lighter version of our original CrewTech Fabric. Offering the same function and performance, CrewTech Lite was the lighter, more breathable innovative uniform solution and little brother of our flagship CrewTech Fabric. 

“Super comfortable gear!” — @chef_coach_hawaii

As one of the first and only chef uniform companies to combine chef uniform solutions with technologically advanced material, Helt Studio remains committed to pioneering the culinary uniform industry by producing top-quality, functional apparel that empowers the culinary community to feel better and work better. 

“It is something you should NOT skip as it’s easily the most tech top you’ll ever wear into a kitchen after their super unique chef coat design. ” — @brandon__cooks

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No need for us to toot our own horn though — here’s what some of Helt Studio’s famous fans have to say about their favorite culinary apparel.

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