Michelin-starred culinary masters and fearless home cooks alike know the importance of having the right tools to master any recipe. Wearing the right gear while you’re perfecting your craft is just as essential. Do yourself a favor and get your hands on Helt Studio’s ladies chef coats available in assorted styles, colors, and fabrics to suit all of your culinary needs (and budget).

Helt Studio’s women chef coats are specifically designed for women. Give you more room to move around on the bust area but also curve around your waist. All of Helt Studio’s products are produced within ethical factories in Los Angeles, California. Each of Helt’s men’s and women’s chef coats is made with high-quality materials durable enough to withstand hot, steamy kitchens, comfortable enough to move around the work area with ease, and stylish enough to keep you looking and feeling good while you’re at it.

Want something totally custom? Check out our Team Order program, Helt Studio can help you promote your brand by creating a unique, customized line of products for you and your team. Helt’s personalized chef coats can help with expanding brand awareness and creating a cohesive, professional look that you and your staff will be excited to rock in any kitchen.

Helt Studio offers worldwide, affordable shipping from our L.A. factory. Need something fast? Got other questions? Ready to place a custom order? Just want to say hi? Shoot us a quick message or give us a call and let’s get to work!