Our uniform program goes beyond chef coats and aprons. The newest addition is our LIFESTYLE collection. From Premium Weight Tee shirts to Garment dyed Heavy Weight Sweatshirts, you can feel comfortable in Helt Studio's workwear all day, every day!

Quality You Can Feel

We set our goal in the beginning to be an ethical company, which means not only we are producing products at the highest quality, but also becoming responsible to the workers, the environment, and the community. We spend months working with different mills in the US to create our own cotton jerseys, make them into shirts and sweatshirts at our Los Angeles factory, then garment dyed them with a local dye house that minimizes waste and pollution. We know the garment industry needs a lot of work to become greener, and we want to be the pioneer in that.

Helt Studio's lifestyle collection does not aim to be the biggest trendsetter, we want to create something that is long-lasting. We want you to wear your pieces for years, even decades. That's why we went out of our way to create the best fabrics and create timeless products. 

Customize Your Blanks

Your brand deserves to stand out from the crowd. What better way is there to portray your brand’s identity than through custom apparel? You can easily tell your story through small tweaks that make your apparel stand out. 

Besides increasing brand engagement, custom apparel could help you build employee loyalty. The custom designs will be a reminder of why they do what they do while making them feel like they belong to a community. We offer customizations ranging from embroidery, and screen-print to full-on custom color production, CONTACT US and see how we can make it a reality! 

Empower your team to work efficiently with every custom apparel you buy from us. Shop aprons with Helt Studio today.