New Chef Coats, Aprons, and Culinary Apparel

Designed to support culinary heroes all over, Helt Studio’s most recent arrivals of new chef coats, aprons, and kitchen apparel features the latest in culinary tech fabric and innovation. Built to last, our collection of new chef uniforms features culinary gear that moves with you and keeps you cool in the scorching heat of the toughest kitchens. 

Finally filling the void that the culinary industry has ignored for too long, Helt Studio is committed to producing new aprons, coats, and kitchen apparel that supports men and women frontline workers by keeping them cool, comfortable, and looking good. With unique, stylish, innovative designs being added all the time, Helt Studio gear is a game-changer. 

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

As with all Helt Studio products, our latest arrivals of new chef coats, aprons, and culinary apparel are crafted ethically in Los Angeles with our exclusive line of in-house tech-fabrics that you can’t find anywhere else: 

  • CrewTech 
  • CrewTech Light 
  • 8.5 oz. Brushed Canvas 
  • 10 oz. Duck Canvas 
  • 10 oz. Durable Water Repellent Duck Canvas

Our new chef uniforms and apparel are engineered to keep culinary workers feeling great, looking fresh, and working better — no matter how chaotic the kitchen is. 

Mindful designs, superior quality, sophisticated fits, and all the durability and functionality a culinary hero could ask for — wearing anything else would mean settling for less. 

Conquer your kitchen like the master chef you are and shop Helt Studio’s new chef coats, aprons, and kitchen apparel. 

#Helt has got your back.