Why you need a Hipster Chef Coat?
Why You Need a Hipster Coat if Your Kitchen Is as Hot as Hell
"If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen."

That quote is attributed to former U.S. President Harry S. Truman. However, if you've made a career of braving the kitchen's heat, don't get out of it - simply get a chef coat that can take the heat.

The Problem

It's no joke - life in the kitchen is intense, and traditional chef apparel just doesn't cut it. Is your chef coat bulky, made of cheap poly/cotton twill fabric that wrinkles easily, holds on to odors, and doesn't hold up to daily wear? Don't sweat it - and we mean that quite literally - because we've got a solution that will take your chef apparel to the next level.

The Solution
Helt Studio set out to design a comfortable chef coat that could withstand the heat of even the most hellish kitchen. Meet the Hipster Chef Coat, available in either black or white with contrasting trim. Helt Studio's unique CrewTech performance fabric is sweat wicking, water repellent, and anti-microbial.

Consider how our Hipster Chef Coat tackles the following problems:
  • Uncomfortable chef apparel - our sport-inspired fabric is designed with 4-way stretch. What can 4-way stretch do for you? Whether you're reaching or bending, sitting or standing, your chef uniform will never stand in your way.
  • Lingering odors - this chef uniform is made from materials that are sweat wicking for all-day freshness and anti-microbial to combat lasting odors from perspiration or food.
  • A disheveled appearance - water repellent material resists spills and stains, while pockets keep your pens, spoons, cell phone, or other items organized and on hand. The convenient apron strap will always hold your apron in place.

Join Helt Studio and the #uniformrevolution today when you order this modern chef coat, designed for the chef of today.
July 27, 2021 — eugene chan
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