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In a bustling and thriving kitchen, efficiency is often synonymous with, and dependent upon, top quality kitchen gear. This may translate to sharp tools, stainless steel appliances, and heavy duty cleaning supplies, but another important, and often overlooked factor in the functioning of a successful kitchen, is the comfort and satisfaction of the kitchen staff.

Any culinary worker worth their salt should certainly be the picture of composure and cleanliness. But through messy shifts and dedicated service, it can be hard to get stains off of uniforms and keep spills at bay. The solution is investing in uniforms and aprons made from top quality, high tech fabrics that offer comfort and functionality in the same stitch and last you a long time.

With endless options such as waterproof aprons, stain repellent jackets, chef coats, and sweat wicking fabric – there are a wide range of possibilities for providing comfort to your employees. After that, it’s simply a matter of taking good care of the fabric with a few easy instructions.

About Our Fabrics: Where it All Began

The CrewTech Fabric was Helt Studio’s first innovative uniform solution. This fabric was designed to be water repellent, with 4-way stretch and sweat-wicking material to keep the wearer cool, dry, and clean. Then, the creation of our first apron allowed us to discover how even traditional fabric like denim and cotton canvas can be modified to increase functionality in a modern kitchen.

An exclusive formula was designed: our Durable Water-Repellent finish coating. This coating was the perfect way to transform ordinary canvas uniforms into protective barriers against stubborn sauces and accidental spills.

Then, in 2019, CrewTech Lite was created as the lighter version of the original CrewTech Fabric. With the same functionality and unquestionable performance, CrewTech Lite was an airier, more breathable and innovative solution.

These materials were engineered to support the ideology that what you wear to work should work well for you.

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With reinforced stitching around the fabric of the pockets, durable straps on every apron, top quality antique brass hardware, and adjustable features – these culinary garments embody effortless practicality and high functionality.

While a common concern with high tech materials is caring for them in the long run, it is truly simple to maintain these garments with a few simple steps. These instructions will help you care for your employees’ high tech fabric uniforms with minimal effort, and ensure that they remain pristine and durable in the long run – no matter how messy it gets in the kitchen.

Simple Care for the Long Haul

Helt Studio makes use of 5 different fabric options for our high tech apron and culinary uniform solutions. Caring for these fabrics is quick and easy.


Composition :

93% Poly | 7% Lycra.

Functions :

Water-repellent | 4-way stretch | Breathable | Sweat-wicking

CrewTech Light

Composition :

92% Poly | 8% Lycra.

Functions :

Quick Dry | 4-way stretch | Water-repellent | Antimicrobial | Moisture Management Dry Flex Technology | Durable UV 50+

8.5 oz. Brushed Canvas

Composition :

100% Cotton

Specifications :

Brushed finish on the surface with 22 color options

10 oz. Duck Canvas

Composition :

100% Cotton

Specifications :

Duck Canvas Construction | Durable | Available in 38 Colors

100% Cotton With DWR Finishing

Composition :

100% Cotton

Functions :

Duck Canvas Construction | Durable Water-repellent Finish Coating | 

5 Colors Available

Although these 5 materials are designed to cater to different functionalities, caring for each fabric is simple. Follow these succinct fabric care instructions to ensure the longevity and sustained durability of your team’s uniforms.

  • For the first wash, we recommend using cold water and washing the apron or jacket by hand to avoid damaging the fabric. After this initial wash, follow the instructions on the garment’s label for all subsequent washes. 
  • Please separate bright colored garments before washing, in order to avoid color bleeding.
  • In case of staining on the fabric of the apron or the jacket, make sure to treat the marks before washing the garment. 
  • To dry the garment, you may either tumble dry it on low heat or hang dry it on a washing line. 
  • If needed, ironing on low heat is recommended. 
  • To avoid damaging the fabric, please do not bleach the garment.

Ethically Made to Measure

Sourcing durable and functional kitchen uniforms for your staff is one way to reaffirm your brand identity and build a sense of belonging for your employees. Whether you’re looking for a custom apron, cohesive chef’s jackets, or a high tech fabric kitchen coat – our garments are ethically made and crafted with care in Los Angeles. 

Helt Studio prides itself on creating stylish, resilient, durable, and comfortable uniforms for the frontline heroes who traverse the kitchens and are often found wearing their capes backward. Which is why our fabrics can easily be cared for by the busy and modern culinary worker who has plenty of ambition and a healthy smattering of creativity. So, if you’re considering taking your business up a notch, you’ve come to the right place.


October 03, 2022 — Eugene Chan