Coffee being spilled on chef’s jacket made from water repellent fabric

It’s no secret that the kitchen can be a messy place – with dishes flying from stove to counter and sauces splashing all over the place, it takes no time to wet your clothes or stain a uniform. Unchecked, these mishaps can add up and lead to hygiene issues for your employees or cast a cloud of clutter on how your patrons view your establishment.

But not every spill needs to foreshadow disaster. The key to a satisfied clientele is a happy staff. Which is why, a waterproof apron is the armor of choice in a busy kitchen to protect your employee’s clothes and maintain hygiene and aesthetic standards at your establishment. With waterproof coverings, your employees can channel all their energy into offering great service and creating delicious meals, free of worries about stains or sogginess.

Water Repellent Fabric–The Kitchen is Where it Counts

Water repellent material is specially designed using something called surface area angling to repel liquid. Put simply, if the surface of the fabric is at an angle less than 90°, some of the water has a higher tendency of getting absorbed. But if the fabric is held at an angle that is greater than 90°, less water will be absorbed.

For a culinary worker in a kitchen, their uniform is likely to be held at 90° for most of the time, rendering it waterproof. Even standard materials like denim and canvas can be made waterproof through science and innovation to offer a layer of protection from liquids like grease and sauces, but why does it really matter to incorporate water repellent fabric in the kitchen?

A Good First Impression

Your establishment may have the most delicious brunch options, impeccable service, and generous servings – but a single grubby uniform can tarnish appearances in a glance. A seemingly harmless interaction between a member of staff and a customer can shatter the image of professionalism if your employees end up looking untidy with splattered sauces and visible spillage on their uniform. A waterproof apron would deflect spills and avert the possibility of such a disaster.

High Functionality

With uniforms made from water repellent fabric, your employees won’t need to carve out time from their shift to clean up spills or dry their uniforms. When the tables are full and the orders are rolling in, there isn’t a moment to spare for arduous cleanups after accidents in the kitchen. It’s important for your staff to be able to function at their highest capacity, but it’s also important that they feel good while doing so.

Stainless Comfort

The comfort of fast drying and water repellent fabric allows your staff to channel all their energy into executing creative dishes and maintaining the standards of your establishment. Because no matter how messy a shift may get, your employees should be able to do their jobs without thinking twice about splashes and stains. In fact, you’d be surprised how much peace of mind can affect your staff’s performance, when they aren’t worried about getting soaked in spills or ruining the clothes underneath their aprons and spending hours trying to get the stains out.

Man in brown waterproof apron pouring batter into dish in a kitchen

Hygiene & Health

Every kitchen’s nightmare is improper staff hygiene and questionable cleanliness. It can be easy to miss glaring signs in the middle of a hectic shift or to delay drying off for breaktime, only to catch a cold in the time being. But as a business, it’s important to take the right measures to ensure that neither the staff’s nor the customers’ health is compromised. With water repellent fabric in the kitchen, your staff won’t be at risk of falling sick in the event that they are unable to dry off immediately after a spill. And your trusting patrons deserve to receive service from a healthy staff.

Building a Solid Brand Identity

Something as simple as incorporating water repellent fabric into the kitchen space can swiftly convert simple aprons and uniforms into emblems of creativity, efficiency, and excellence for your business. Because the details do add up in the long run, especially when it’s about crafting a unique brand identity and image. In fact, if you think of aprons as capes worn backward, the kitchen is where superheroes can be found. And with customized uniforms and waterproof aprons, your employees can look (and feel) the part.

The Helt Studio Mission

Now that you know why having water repellent fabric in the kitchen matters, it’s time to take your establishment to the next level.

Helt Studio was built on the philosophy that chefs and culinary workers should be able to stay cool and comfortable in the workplace. With our unique water repellent, functional, and innovative high tech fabric, we want to make that happen.

We are determined to celebrate chefs and servers as the frontline workers that they truly are. So we put on our lab coats and engineered special fabric for the demands of the modern kitchen. The result was our line of water resistant coats, stain resistant uniform shirts, waterproof aprons, and other kitchen accessories.


October 03, 2022 — Eugene Chan